About Edit

Gender: Male

Species: Raccoon (Thanks captain obvious...)

Age: (Probably mid 30's)

Voice: Zack/Evil Genius

Rancid is the main antagonist in the game Farm Heroes (Saga). WHICH IS A GAME! In the GoAnimate world and the game, he builds factories and huge machinery everywhere, polluting everything around it! In the GoAnimate world alone, he has been arrested a few times for this. He is basically an evil business CEO of some sort, "ruining nearly everything he touches." He constantly brags about how much money he has! In the GoAnimate world, he loves to stuff his face with food because he enjoys being fat! No wonder he's always so full of himself...He is also caught numerous times smoking cigars on and around places he's not supposed to!

Likes Edit

Eating, stuffing his face with so much food,,'s games, belly rubs, being lazy, running a business, being evil, being rich, bragging about his money, smoking his cigars, M rated games, A rated games, Disney, shooting games, first person shooters, COD, GTA, foot rubs, R rated films, NC-17 films (a lot of them), being the CEO, going to parties, getting drunk, being an adult, adult stuff, wearing his short shirt and tie (he really likes his tie because it matches his fur), masturbating (LOVES THE MOST).

Dislikes Edit

Diets, being good, chintzy stuff, being left out (majorly), running, getting arrested, baby shows, E rated games, Mario, Sonic, Legend of Zelda, Paramount, Nickelodeon, PG rated films, G rated films (Really hates), PG-13 films (only some), not being the CEO, eC rated games (absolutely disgusted), E rated games, E10+ rated games, T rated games (a lot of them), children, baby stuff, having to wear pants (nothing fits because we is not designed for them), babysitting (HATES THE MOST).

Random Facts Edit

~Farm Heroes Saga is an exact copy of Candy Crush Saga, but is doing this for all the games they make! What I mean is that the gameplay is the same for all of their games, 5 lives, match 3, too many levels.

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Rancid the Raccoon in GoAnimate (Lil' Peepz)

  1. 220px-1011003 578696065553260 886352678 n

    His actual appearance (His Belly Is White Furred)

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